Good Reading

My colleague and friend Lloyd Thacker has recently published a book of essays by college and high school counselors called College Unranked: Affirming Educational Values in College Admissions. The essays try to restore the balance to a college admission process run amok and it’s worth picking up. College deans, presidents, admission officers, and even a college counselor or two have their say. It’s worth it. You can order it through the Education Conservancy,

I admire Lloyd—unlike most of us he was willing to put his money where his mouth is. He began this book and the crusade for saner college admission and education while still a high school counselor. When his principal told him he could no longer spend school time working on it (even though it wasn’t hurting his ability to work with his students), he decided to quit and devote himself to the cause. After managing to get an initial startup grant, he published the book and is now speaking all around the country about how to put “studenthood” front and center in the college process.

Lloyd’s a modest man with passion and drive. My hat’s off to him.