What’s Old is New Again

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: All the articles about how this year’s admission numbers are tougher than ever could have been written (and probably have been) every year for the past 10 years. I have a WSJ article from 2001 that reads like it was written yesterday, although with smaller different numbers of course. What does it all mean? Have hordes of college-age applicants been left to forage in the countryside instead of going to college? Have the numbers of seats in colleges expanded to accommodate all those new students? (We know that the actual number of bodies as well as applications has risen.) Where IS everyone??

About Will Dix

I am currently writing a book about college admission. I'm interested in the intersection of the college process and American culture. I attended Amherst College in the 1970s, taught high school English and theater at The Hill School in the '80s, returned to Amherst in the '90s as an admission dean, and began the '00s as a college counselor at the University of Chicago Laboratory School. I then joined Chicago Scholars as Program Director. Currently, I blog about college admission for Forbes.com. I also help community organizations serving low income students understand the college admission process so more students can consider gaining access to higher education. I have a few private college counseling clients that I take by referral only. The views expressed in this blog are mine alone.
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