College Access Counseling

To see what I’ve been doing over the last two years, follow this link to my newly designed website: College Access Counseling. I’ve had the pleasure of developing a comprehensive college counseling curriculum (say that three times fast) for Scholarship Chicago and creating a professional development series for college counselors in Chicago area charter schools. The big challenge has been to take what I’ve learned from my days at Amherst and as a college counselor and make it accessible to the adults who work with students from low-income and first generation college backgrounds.

Working for myself has also been a challenge, really, but so far it’s been rewarding. I keep saying I’ve been more lucky than smart, but as I’ve learned how to present myself I’ve started to create my own luck. That includes promoting my work more! So if you’re a school or community organization that works with underserved kids and wants to help them think about college, you know where to reach me.