Some National Press

You’ll find me quoted in the Fall 2009 issue of Newsweek/Kaplan’s Finding the Right College for You issue. Reporter Catharine Skipp interviewed me back in the spring about the College Board’s new “Score Choice” option. She wanted to know how it would affect the population I work with– low-income and first generation students. Of course, it’s irrelevant to them, and I said so: “It’s a silly, ridiculous thing for the College Board to do.” One more way to tweak its earnings and look like it’s doing kids a favor. You can read the article here or buy the whole issue for $11.95. I found it in the checkout line at the grocery store. (It’s also available on the web here.)

If you’re one of my friends or relatives and don’t need any help with colleges, you can find me on page 29, bottom of the second column and into the third. By the time you read it your groceries will have been bagged and you’ll have avoided any more “news” about the Gossleins. Enjoy!