A Blizzard of Activity

I’ve been poking Crabby with a stick but he seems unusually content to hibernate during these winter weeks. Look for him once we can see over the snow drifts here in the Midwest. In the meantime, check out The Huffington Post’s College tab for various stories, serious and otherwise, about college issues and related manifestations. A good place to check out a lot of college news conveniently aggregated and illustrated. In other publications, Scott Anderson of The Common Application has an interesting comment on the application essay in today’s Inside Higher Ed. I’m sure most of us would rather not remember what we wrote on ours…

Recently I participated in two techno-seminars about college admission and college counseling. I’d never done a webinar or a phone seminar (phoninar? semiphone?) before, but that’s what I did. For Chicago Scholars, I put together and helped moderate a 40-minute presentation for our Scholars about keeping their eyes on the prize and avoiding “senioritis.” Scholars were able to watch streaming video in real time and ask questions of us (and several people offscreen) about the topic or whatever else was on their minds. The students were excited about the presentation and we expect to do more in the future. It’s a great way to follow up on our in-person workshops as well, we think. The edited version can be found here. (If it doesn’t work by clicking, paste this URL directly into the address line: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvXw7OmhPEg.)

I also conducted a college counseling overview seminar over the phone for The Steppingstone Foundation on Feb. 1. Headquartered in Boston, it has branches in Hartford and Philadelphia, and provides services including college access to underserved students in those cities. I was asked to be part of the event by Rick Goulding, Affiliate Program Associate. Steppingstone is trying to strengthen its college access programming by reaching out to experts around the country and conducting these seminars. All from the comfort of home or office! You can listen to the MP3 file here: College Counseling with Underserved Students.

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting with several colleagues at the Illinois School Counselors Association on “College Counseling in an Urban Setting: Kickin’ It Chicago Style.” Our emphasis will be on helping students be active participants in the college process and encouraging counselors to use ASCA (American School Counselors Association) guidelines (including “strengths-based counseling precepts) as well as “match” and “fit” to help their students reach their post-secondary goals. I’ve posted our handouts here.

So I’ve been keeping busy even if Crabby keeps snoring away in his cave.

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  1. Hi Will,

    I’m interested in your handouts about using ASCA standards, but they seem to be hidden in a Chicago snowbank. Is it possible to send me a different link?

    Stay warm! Judy


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