Riding the admission roller coaster with NPEA

Last week I was the featured guest on the phone with members of the National Partnership for Educational Access. Here’s the topic listing:

“Riding the Admission Roller Coaster: Ups, Downs, and the Limbo of the Wait List” with Willard Dix of College Access Counseling.

Wednesday, March 16 @ 2-3pm (EST)

When your students’ letters (and emails) arrive with news from colleges, your work gets complicated. Help them through the ups and downs of deciding where to attend, coping with disappointment, and figuring out what their financial aid letters mean by tuning in to this month’s professional development call with Will Dix, President of College Access Counseling. He’ll provide tips and advice, with a Q & A to follow. Will has been an admission dean and a high school teacher and college counselor, so he can provide perspective from all sides of the issue.

Click here to access the recording: