The Amazing College Race (Afterwards)

Scholars re-enact a scene from “The Untouchables”

It was a great day last Saturday, Aug. 18th! Perfect weather and lots of excitement for the 150 Scholars and 35 or so mentors who traveled throughout Chicago visiting nine colleges and universities. The challenge was for each team (three headed to each campus) to find their way there on public transportation, learn about the institution, eat, and then face three challenges before heading to a historic Chicago site and then Buckingham Fountain  (the finish line).

Scholars (all about to be seniors in high school) and their mentors took the challenges to heart! The colleges had created clues and puzzles that Scholars had to solve. To the left is an example from Roosevelt University. The clue was a still from Brian DePalma’s film “The Untouchables,” which was filmed partly on their campus. Scholars had to find the spot and recreate the scene before going on.

I’ll post more pics soon and there will be video eventually. I’m so proud of Scholars and everyone involved in the Amazing College Race. It was a five-year dream come true for me.

Here are more pics:

Scholars on the bus to Loyola University Chicago

The Loyola teams at Buckingham Fountain

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  1. Wow. I’m just still dazzled by this project. Five years in making the dream come true–and having it be such an enormous success.


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