Instructions to Teacher in Chicago about Which Kids Count Most

Just had to post this entry from Diane Ravitch’s blog…

Diane Ravitch's blog

This letter from a teacher in Chicago public schools shows how gaming the system has become more important than helping each and every child achieve their best.

Data matter more than students.

Data matter more than learning.

Numbers trump education and equity.

The advice: focus on the kids closest to passing. Forget those at the top and the bottom: They don’t matter.

Here is the message:

Today we had a grade level meeting about the NWEA scores for the fourth grade students at my school. We teachers were all given printouts of our students’ most recent scores: RIT bands, percentiles, the whole shebang.

Then we were instructed to highlight the students in our classes who had scored between the 37th and 50th percentile. These students, the admin informed us, are the most important students in the class; they are the ones most likely to reach the 51st

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