Paul Horton Chastises the Chronicle of Higher Education about the Common Core Standards

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The Chronicle of Higher Education regularly publishes laudatory articles about the Common Core standards. Paul Horton wrote a letter to the editor. Here it is:

Common Core Standards Are the Tip of a Corporate Iceberg

To the Editor:

In response to recent several columns that embrace the Common Core Standards as a way to prepare students for college (“Use the Common Core. Use It Widely. Use It Well,” The Chronicle, June 10), I beg to differ.

There are several reasons why I am concerned about the Common Core Standards, along with virtually all teachers and professors I know:

1. They are the product of a push by private foundations acting in the interest of multinational corporations to colonize public education in the United States and in other areas projected be developed as core production and assembly areas in the emerging global economy. A recent Washington Post article using a…

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