Against “Compassionate” College Admission

Criticism of the “Turning the Tide” paper from the Harvard Graduate School of Education is picking up some steam since I wrote about it here two weeks ago. See these articles at (“Why Harvard-Recommended ‘Compassionate Admissions’ Won’t Change Anything”) and The New Yorker (“The Poisonous Reach of the College-Admissions Process”) for their perspectives. See also Chris Teare’s Q & A with me, also at, about this topic.




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I am currently writing a book about college admission. I'm interested in the intersection of the college process and American culture. I attended Amherst College in the 1970s, taught high school English and theater at The Hill School in the '80s, returned to Amherst in the '90s as an admission dean, and began the '00s as a college counselor at the University of Chicago Laboratory School. I then joined Chicago Scholars as Program Director. Currently, I blog about college admission for I also help community organizations serving low income students understand the college admission process so more students can consider gaining access to higher education. I have a few private college counseling clients that I take by referral only. The views expressed in this blog are mine alone.
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