What Does “Eliminating Legacy Preferences” in College Admission Really Mean?

Eliminating "legacy preferences" in college admission is harder than it seems.

Metaphorical Mistakes in College Access Thinking

Crabby suggests better metaphors for thinking about college access... In last Friday's New York Times, Peter Dreier and Richard Kahlenberg wrote about "Making Top Colleges Less Aristocratic and More Meritocratic."  They note that affluent students far outnumber economically disadvantaged students at highly selective college by 14 to 1. While "some colleges, such as Amherst and Harvard, … Continue reading Metaphorical Mistakes in College Access Thinking

Elephant in the Room

The Choice, a New York Times blog about college admission, has begun a series of answers to questions posed to Harvard’s Dean of Admission, Bill Fitzsimmons. Those of us who have worked in the field for more than a few days will probably know how to answer the questions from nearly 900 respondents. What’s remarkable is … Continue reading Elephant in the Room

Keeping Secrets

I’m not a sociable traveler. When I’m on a plane or a train I would really rather read or sleep than chat with the person next to me. It’s not that I’m antisocial generally, it’s just that these are times when I can focus on catching up on that biography of Edison or back issues … Continue reading Keeping Secrets

Advancing by Degrees

The news that Marilee Jones, Dean of Admission at MIT, has had to resign because she falsified her resume, has hit us in the college admission biz pretty hard. She is an exceptionally intelligent and humane person, and many of us (including me) have recommended her book Less Stress, More Success many times as a … Continue reading Advancing by Degrees