Student Engagement, Not Alumni Giving, Is a Quality Indicator

All colleges should participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement. Many prominent campuses don't.

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Majoring in an obscure language or esoteric subject doesn't condemn a student to itinerant professorship or garrett living. See my latest post at

Webcast on “Taking Back High School”

A few weeks ago I conducted a webcast through CollegeWeek Live about how high school counselors can try helping high school students be students as the college admission process looms in the distance. It's about an hour long and has a set of slides with it. At the end I have listed resources for further … Continue reading Webcast on “Taking Back High School”

The Charge of the Bright Brigade

Thousands of talented and ambitious students are futilely throwing themselves at high status, low admit rate colleges. Although they have virtually no chance of admission, the pull of status is stronger than logic. This situation leads to overwork, stress, and the ultimate letdown of rejection, despite the fact that there are many great colleges that … Continue reading The Charge of the Bright Brigade

Comfort and Joy in the College World

Crabby wonders whether college will end with a bang or a whimper... Two recent books lie at opposite ends of the spectrum regarding college attendance. One, Frank Bruni's Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be:An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania, attempts to soothe the agitations of those who worry about getting their kids … Continue reading Comfort and Joy in the College World