Why I’m Not “Friending” You Back

Crabby wants his Scholars to think more... LinkedIn is a Facebook for networking, a site that enables members to establish "contacts" and check out jobs, possible connections, alumni and friends in the world of work. It has a very clear purpose--to oil the wheels of commerce by making it easier for people to exploit the … Continue reading Why I’m Not “Friending” You Back

Outsourcing Ourselves

Crabby wonders what's left for us to do ourselves... A recent article in the New York Times suggests that teaching handwriting may be losing ground to teaching typing in elementary school, the better to ensure that young people become chained to computers at earlier and earlier ages. The article cites studies suggesting that handwriting may actually … Continue reading Outsourcing Ourselves

The Underside of College LIfe

I tend to idealize my own college experience, which I suppose everyone does after a certain age or even before. When I talk to my low-income first generation-college students I probably idealize college even more. Even so, I know I went to learn things and not for the parties or simply to make "contacts," which … Continue reading The Underside of College LIfe

Fishing in Deeper Waters

"See you now;                                                                                                         … Continue reading Fishing in Deeper Waters