Curating Your College List, Writing the Application Essay, College as Work, and Wondering About Colleges’ Effect On Society: New Forbes Entries

Some college application advice and some commentary. Enjoy!

What’s Up At

Here's my down and dirty advice for last-minute shoppers, er, essay writers:  

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

Crabby wonders about form and substance...The more I think about college access and success for underserved students, the more I find myself reading and thinking about primary and secondary education as well. Too often, I've found, even students at the top of their classes struggle to write a decent essay for an application--not understanding how … Continue reading What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

The Crabby Counselor Dispenses More Essay Advice

At readers' request, Crabby doles out some more tips for college application essay writers. You may not realize it, but many, many students are applying to college this fall. Many, many. And college admission people have to read all the essays you write. They do, too, if Crabby's own experience is any indication. Thousands of … Continue reading The Crabby Counselor Dispenses More Essay Advice

A Recommended Resource Guide

The website College has just published a list of 100 helpful school and college process-oriented websites. College Counseling Culture is listed at #18, and there are 99 others that are worth your attention. They range from undergraduate to graduate oriented, and the site itself is full of extremely helpful information for scholarship searching, as … Continue reading A Recommended Resource Guide