What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

Crabby wonders about form and substance...The more I think about college access and success for underserved students, the more I find myself reading and thinking about primary and secondary education as well. Too often, I've found, even students at the top of their classes struggle to write a decent essay for an application--not understanding how … Continue reading What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

Having a Voice is an American Dream

Crabby hears rain on the parade... Yesterday Crabby met with a group of high school students he's been working with on college options for a while. Several of the seniors shared their acceptances and we cheered them. Crabby turned to the younger students, especially the juniors, and asked how they were doing. Shoulders were shrugged and eyes … Continue reading Having a Voice is an American Dream

The Uncounted Pleasures of College

Crabby speaks out against cost-benefit analysis... Last week Crabby attended a presentation entitled "Is College Worth It?" Of course Crabby already believed the answer was "yes," but given the economy and the lower economic rungs most of his students now stand on, it usually pays to hear this idea reinforced. The presenter made all the … Continue reading The Uncounted Pleasures of College

Work and Thought

Yes, we need to have a top-notch workforce for the future. Yes, we need to be sure that students know the basics so they can compete in a world economy. But as we consider how students especially first-generation college students, go through school and college, we should be careful that we don't simply make them … Continue reading Work and Thought

Underserved Students and the Politics of the Practical

One thing that's bothered me for a while is how often low-income and first generation students are steered pretty hard toward "jobs" rather than "education" when it comes to college. I can't argue with the imperative to earn money and support yourself and your family after college, not to mention paying off student loans, but … Continue reading Underserved Students and the Politics of the Practical