Colleges at the Field Museum

Last Wednesday was the date of an extraordinary college fair: Nearly sixty colleges displayed their wares and made connections with over 200 charter school counselors and administrators as part of the National Charter School Conference held here in Chicago. The fair itself was organized by the Illinois Network of Charter Schools and was held in … Continue reading Colleges at the Field Museum

Parenting Out of Control: The Book on Out of Control Parenting

The "helicopter parenting" phenomenon seems to be getting nuttier by the minute and it's easy to harrumph over the latest anecdote about a mother calling the academic dean of a college to ask why her child got a bad grade. As a college counselor at an "elite" private high school I often had to deal … Continue reading Parenting Out of Control: The Book on Out of Control Parenting

YouTubing the Admissions River

Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should do it. Cloning afghans (the dog not the blanket), building half-mile high buildings, teaching chickens to count--we just don't need em. The same is true, I think, for inviting students to submit YouTube-style videos as part of their college applications, as Tufts and as at least one other college have done in the … Continue reading YouTubing the Admissions River

Child Exploitation at USC

Just when you think you've heard it all there comes another shocker, this time about USC's committing one of its football a 13-year old. That's USC's Class of '19. According to a report in Inside Higher Ed, the USC coach made a similar signing when he was at UT--Knoxville, and has continued his kiddie … Continue reading Child Exploitation at USC

To Tell or Not to Tell?

Recent postings on the NACAC elist have weighed in on the merits or demerits of posting college admission results in a public place like a bulletin board. At some schools, it’s nobody’s business; at others, it’s a celebration of community spirit. A lot of that seems to depend on the social/economic situation of each school, … Continue reading To Tell or Not to Tell?