Elitism in the Name of Access

Correction: I carelessly misstated the size of the Cooke Foundation's endowment in billions of dollars instead of millions. It was not my intent to do so and I apologize for the egregious error. I have corrected the amounts below. Also, the market value of the endowment has changed; I have also made that correction. Thanks … Continue reading Elitism in the Name of Access

College Awareness Efforts for Underserved Students Can Be More Form Than Substance

Underserved students get more form than substance when being pointed toward college.

Needy Students Need Action, Not Reports, to Increase College Attainment

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has published two superfluous reports on college access. They should promote action instead.

Waiting for Godot on the Yellow Brick Road

I attended a webinar the other night sponsored by the International Association for College Admission Counseling. Its topic was the Coalition for Access, Blah, Blah, Blah's new application and locker system that will supposedly create a Yellow Brick Road straight to the Emerald City of college admission for all the Dorothys, Scarecrows, Tin Men, and … Continue reading Waiting for Godot on the Yellow Brick Road


Crabby hates clutter... [the King gestures to the window]                                                                                              … Continue reading Swagville