Perspectives on College and College Admission: Some Reading

Feeling guilty about not reading "how to get into college" books? Try these related but wider-ranging books for a break.

College Counselors as Advocates: A New Dynamic

Most of the time, college counselors are seen as ardent supporters of their students during the college process. Whether it's helping create college lists, going over procedures, checking up on deadlines, or writing recommendations, we are in students' corners as they pursue their post-secondary aspirations. At times, we even go to bat for them regarding admission decisions … Continue reading College Counselors as Advocates: A New Dynamic

Our Broken College Admission Process and Five Ways to Fix It

Crabby thinks it’s time to overhaul the college admission system... The complaints are as consistent as they are constant: The college admission process is too stressful, too complicated, too tipped in favor of the privileged, too subject to manipulation, too test-obsessed. Colleges worry about “ghost applicants,” manufactured essays, and how to be fair to everyone; applicant … Continue reading Our Broken College Admission Process and Five Ways to Fix It

Collegiate and Cultural Crossroads

For a long time the mantra has been, "Go to college if you want to improve your life prospects," but that idea has lately come under fire, given the increasing cost of attendance and the crushing debt burden many students have to shoulder as they walk out the door. As a concept and an ideal, … Continue reading Collegiate and Cultural Crossroads

The Crabby Counselor Talks About the Best-Laid Plans

Trying to groom children for particular outcomes (colleges, especially) is a fool's errand and Robert Burns knows it.