A wave of teachers’ strikes reflects th

A wave of teachers' strikes reflects the #NeverAgain movement's anger: "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!" Colleges and universities should take note and join in. My latest Forbes entry: https://www.forbes.com/sites/willarddix/2018/04/04/colleges-should-support-teachers-strikes-in-oklahoma-and-other-states/#dd050db103ff

THe resistance to the University of Wisc

THe resistance to the University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point is heating up, but attempts to eviscerate college/university curricula have been increasing since 2008. My latest Forbes piece details some of them and why we should be worried: https://goo.gl/xZ6EVw

I marched in Chicago this past Saturday.

I marched in Chicago this past Saturday...It was a moving and powerful experience. https://goo.gl/oJFLoC

A new book adds little to the college ad

A new book adds little to the college admission debate over standardized testing. See my new Forbes entry at https://goo.gl/CVSifg.

Curating Your College List, Writing the Application Essay, College as Work, and Wondering About Colleges’ Effect On Society: New Forbes Entries

Some college application advice and some commentary. Enjoy!