“One Percent” Institutions and the Public Interest

Crabby pries open the golden gates... Yesterday's Chronicle of Higher Education reported some good news for low-income students (fuller article in the New York Times): The University of Chicago will now do more for those students by, among other things, replacing student loans  with grants in cases of need-based financial aid; automatically waiving the application fee … Continue reading “One Percent” Institutions and the Public Interest

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Crabby makes a few end of summer suggestions...Who knew that a movie made in 1989 with the flimsiest story and oldest high school students you can imagine would strike so closely at the absurdities of the college admission process? For a 90 minute primer on the various indignities of the process from students' and admission … Continue reading From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Having a Voice is an American Dream

Crabby hears rain on the parade... Yesterday Crabby met with a group of high school students he's been working with on college options for a while. Several of the seniors shared their acceptances and we cheered them. Crabby turned to the younger students, especially the juniors, and asked how they were doing. Shoulders were shrugged and eyes … Continue reading Having a Voice is an American Dream

That Crazy, Mixed-up SAT!

Crabby gets testy... Holy heaving Jeebus, the College Board has decided to change the SAT again! Well, that's just great. This time around it seems like they're playing a drunken game of Mr. Potatohead, with the nose going in an earhole and the mouth where an eye should be. The SAT just looks raggedy now, … Continue reading That Crazy, Mixed-up SAT!

Stop Running After Kids

Crabby refuses to exercise... Many years ago when Crabby counseled overprivileged students at an academically constipated private school, a Frantic Mommy arrived at his office and said, "You'll have to run after Clark to get his college applications done. He really needs to be reminded of things all the time." After thanking her for the … Continue reading Stop Running After Kids