What Does “Eliminating Legacy Preferences” in College Admission Really Mean?

Eliminating "legacy preferences" in college admission is harder than it seems.

NACAC Notes, Columbus OH, 2016

Some thoughts on the latest annual conference of the National Association for College Admission Counseling. I attended several sessions, including Juan Sanchez's talk. As usual, I saw many colleagues and had a chance to catch up, even if only on the fly. I took some notes and share them here. Some of my thoughts and comments … Continue reading NACAC Notes, Columbus OH, 2016

Ten Questions for Annie Reznik

As we begin a new school year with a new way to apply to college, several questions remain about the rationales that led to the formation of the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success. Some of the mechanics of applying through the Coalition's Common Application-like format have been covered here, but larger and more philosophical … Continue reading Ten Questions for Annie Reznik

The College Process as Existential Crisis

Students going through the college process may be experiencing an existential crisis before they're ready for it.

The Charge of the Bright Brigade

Thousands of talented and ambitious students are futilely throwing themselves at high status, low admit rate colleges. Although they have virtually no chance of admission, the pull of status is stronger than logic. This situation leads to overwork, stress, and the ultimate letdown of rejection, despite the fact that there are many great colleges that … Continue reading The Charge of the Bright Brigade