Ten Questions for Annie Reznik

As we begin a new school year with a new way to apply to college, several questions remain about the rationales that led to the formation of the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success. Some of the mechanics of applying through the Coalition's Common Application-like format have been covered here, but larger and more philosophical … Continue reading Ten Questions for Annie Reznik

The College Process as Existential Crisis

Students going through the college process may be experiencing an existential crisis before they're ready for it.

Curioser and Curioser…The Coalition’s Sleight of Hand at IACAC

To convert a skeptic, you need some solid facts. I'm still a skeptic.

Unicorns & Rainbows:The Myth of Collegiality in College Admission

The field of college admission attracts sociable, talented, bright, mission-oriented people who care about students and their success. At conferences, during phone calls, and over emails, we emphasize "getting to yes" and being collegial. Over the thirty years I've been involved in college admission and college counseling, I've made many friends and interesting acquaintances, with … Continue reading Unicorns & Rainbows:The Myth of Collegiality in College Admission

Bad Faith in the College Counseling World

Whatever one may think of the new admission program/system/fantasia recently presented by the so-called "Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success," it has exposed a jagged, deep fault line existing between college admission offices and high school counselors. This line has always been present, papered over by extreme politeness, congeniality, and unspoken agreements. It is the … Continue reading Bad Faith in the College Counseling World