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Majoring in an obscure language or esoteric subject doesn't condemn a student to itinerant professorship or garrett living. See my latest post at Forbes.com: http://tinyurl.com/hb9bn93

Getting Here From There

Crabby is seized with a kind of nostalgia... Since I read about, talk about, and teach about college admission and the college process all the time, I am constantly flashing back to my own college experience. Hearing about the bad behavior of current college students or the critiques of the current climate of higher education, I … Continue reading Getting Here From There

It’s Not About College, It’s About “College”

Crabby wonders if we sometimes miss the mark... Many schools and college access programs consistently confuse the ideals of "college" with the physical realities of college. They make going to school a way to prepare for arriving at a physical location called a college, but not for dealing with the incorporeal (dare I say spiritual?) … Continue reading It’s Not About College, It’s About “College”

Metaphorical Mistakes in College Access Thinking

Crabby suggests better metaphors for thinking about college access... In last Friday's New York Times, Peter Dreier and Richard Kahlenberg wrote about "Making Top Colleges Less Aristocratic and More Meritocratic."  They note that affluent students far outnumber economically disadvantaged students at highly selective college by 14 to 1. While "some colleges, such as Amherst and Harvard, … Continue reading Metaphorical Mistakes in College Access Thinking

Educating the “Inferior Classes”

The more Crabby deals with college access issues, the more he finds himself reading and learning about current American educational policies and other issues affecting how our children are taught and expected to "perform." One of his primary sources is Diane Ravitch's blog, which not only contains her trenchant observations about education, but also links to other … Continue reading Educating the “Inferior Classes”