What Does “Eliminating Legacy Preferences” in College Admission Really Mean?

Eliminating "legacy preferences" in college admission is harder than it seems.

Ten Questions for Annie Reznik

As we begin a new school year with a new way to apply to college, several questions remain about the rationales that led to the formation of the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success. Some of the mechanics of applying through the Coalition's Common Application-like format have been covered here, but larger and more philosophical … Continue reading Ten Questions for Annie Reznik

Micro-/Macro-Access and $100M in Pocket Money

"Access" in the college admission world has long been a term repeated so often it's lost its meaning. The College Board has used it for years to characterize a test that helps colleges weed out applicants (although its original intent was the opposite); colleges and universities have used it to mean whatever they want it to … Continue reading Micro-/Macro-Access and $100M in Pocket Money

Share the Wealth, Part II

Crabby says colleges should think systemically... Back in January 2014, the White House assembled a group of college and university officials as well as heads of community organizations, businesses and philanthropies, to promote greater access to college for first generation and low-income students. “The price of admission,” writes Richard D. Kahlenberg in the Chronicle of Higher … Continue reading Share the Wealth, Part II